Construction Machinery 101

Guide to the Backhoe

BackhoeAs one of the most common pieces of construction machinery, the backhoe has become an indispensable partner for construction industry professionals who need to move earth or debris. It is usually attached to a front end loader or tractor, so it can be used together with other attachments to quickly work through a job. The backhoe is manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, weights, and reach limits, which means it can be tailored to just about any application in numerous industries.

Guide to the Bulldozer

BulldozeFrom trash-strewn landfills to residential developments, bulldozers make clearing large pieces of land much easier. These crawlers can cover just about any type of terrain without any risk of tipping, and they are powerful enough to move boulders and tree stumps. Although some professionals prefer to work with backhoes, trackhoes, and excavators, the bulldozer remains a staple of the construction industry for its simplicity—and for its workhorse reputation. Read on to learn about the characteristics and uses of the bulldozer, as well as tips for buying one.

Guide to the Excavator

ExcavateAn excavator is a single piece of construction machinery to which the user can fix any number of attachments. Its primary function is to dig up materials with a bucket on the end of its flexible "arm," but it can also be used to push, churn, grab, split, or break materials. This makes it a diverse piece of equipment on any construction site, especially in rural or industrial areas where the crew must deal with a wide variety of environmental factors.

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